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Tue, Aug 20, 2013 at 3:23 PM:

Thank YOU! Jamie and I have been referencing our visit almost every conversation we've had since. We will most definitely look forward to the next visit.

And PS sausages were delicious last night. James is doing pork chops tonight and thought he might make me a birthday cake with some of the duck eggs. Yum!


Followed by: Wed, Aug 21, 2013 at 4:51 PM 

And a round of thumbs up on the pork chops, even from the less than enthusiastic pork chop eater (my youngest). They were incredibly flavorful! Tonight we're having garlic scape carbonara with your bacon and duck eggs.

I may also add that I'm not usually much of a sweet meat fan so I usually shy away from any version of sweetened sausages but I will definitely be coming back for more of your maple garlic sausages.


Thu 4/18/2013 11:13 AM

I so thoroughly enjoyed my visit with you.  You are both so patient and kind with uninformed people and your love for your animals and how you run your farm is inspiring.  My daughter is down from Guelph and this is her last full day here and we are going to try this bread recipe.  Very excited, will let you know how it turns out.

Thanks again,


 P.S. and you can quote me, "Best bacon I have ever had, and I am a serious bacon lover!!!!!"

April 16, 2013 at 8:16am

We had a great breakfast today

Had bacon, sausage and farm fresh eggs. Yes we want a pork sampler and will spit on some beef with J and his wife! We almost finished the chicken eggs and want more. Trying the duck eggs later.

 We all loved the pork this am. Great work Janet!!




Oct 21, 2012 at 11:32 AM

Beef is great, thanks.  We will do this again for sure

Best regards




Hi Janet,
  Thank you so much for having us on Sunday.  It was nice seeing you and Rick in your element.  The kids had a lot of fun, Nate's favorite were the chickens and the small pigs.  Anya rhymed off every animal she saw as her favorite.  You should have more groups out there and educate them about the importance of properly and humanely raised animals.  You are really good at it. 
  Anyway thanks again so much. Nate is looking forward to shoveling animal poo
Anya, Nathan, Sarah, Tom


April 5, 2011

I wanted to report that I picked up some curing salt from my butcher and cured one of the hams you sold me.  It was amazing, possibly the best ham I've ever had....just wanted to brag!



Feb 16, 2011

The maple garlic sausage are too die for - excellent


Feb 14, 2011

Hi Janet,
The pork is fantastic!  Like I remember growing up.  We had your maple walnut recipe chops last night (I found it on-line) and they were absolutely scrumptious.


Nov 16/10

I’ve only tried the hamburger so far (not much time for making meals) & it was tasty, very lean. I’m not sure what the kids have tried yet but they did tell me the meat was delicious. Everyone is just happy to know where the meat came from & that it isn’t full of heaven knows what. Thanks Janet.


Nov 1/10

Just a quick word to say that we had the best pork in DECADES on the weekend - the picnic roast.  You are doing such a service for mankind, at least in the Kingston area!  We are going to have a great winter.



Berkshire Pork:

The pork has a wonderful taste. It reminds me of how pork tasted when I was a kid—could commercial pork have changed that much since the 60’s. We really enjoyed the bacon—the fat sure does add to the taste of the meat. 

Thanks again---Steve


We love the bacon!  

Thanks again for your hospitality a few weeks back.  We had a lovely time.



 Good Day!

Just thought you would like to know, we are enjoying our pork! The sausages are fantastic, as well as the bacon. Kyle loves it and won't stay out of it. He's going to have it gone in no time! lol

Had a roast last night, which was delish. Had some chops a while back, everything has been great.



my goodness the pork we have from you is delicious!


We had some of the bacon for dinner tonight.. it was wonderful. It's less salty than the store bought stuff... What a difference.




Sausage....best EVER ! (we've tasted other pork sausage, but yours was even better)

Pork chops...we bbq'd some butt and loin chops....stronger taste than supermarket pork...I preferred the loin chops as I like a leaner meat, but J and his Dad enjoyed the butt chops. Yum yum.
First time I've had chops straight from the farm so unfortunately can't really compare (as there isn't really a comparision to supermarket pork!)
We regretfully have too little sausage for our needs! Do you have any more to sell?...



Hey Janet!

We had the picnic roast on the weekend - it was awesome!
I'm making pork chops tonight. 

Thanks for a good pig!


Janet Creasy2 Comments