Welcome to Cedarstone Acres

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Once upon a time they bought a farm...


local, sustainable & humane

Cedarstone Ruminations

  • Conversations about farming, agriculture and farm/food issues

We raise:

  • Black Angus cross cattle - their diet is mainly grass and hay

  • Berkshire pigs - their diet is a custom grain mix plus hay, vegetables and fruit in season

  • White Rock meat chickens

  • Orlopp Bronze and or white turkeys raised for Thanksgiving

What we do:

  • We sell Angus beef, Berkshire (a heritage breed) pork and poultry (typically White Rock meat chickens & Orlopp Bronze turkeys).

  • We operate a small farm, we do not run a large feed-lot operation.

  • Our animals are treated with individual attention and care.

  • They are happy and healthy.

  • We respect their contribution!