Farm Trivia Questions from basic to obscure. 

Answers provided further down the page.

There is no particular order to the information provided below. As we think of things or answer questions for our visitors, we update this page.

Q1.  a) What is a pullet?  b) A gilt?  c) A heifer? d) A barrow?

e) A steer?

FYI: A "Hog" will generally refer to animals at or nearing market weight or finished for market. While "growers" are generally pigs between 40 - 125 pounds. Finishing pigs weigh from 125 pounds to market weight, usually about 240 pounds, though we often allow our pigs to grow bigger, so they have time to develop that wonderful flavour.

Q2.  A dozen large eggs weighs ___ how many ounces?

Q3.  What is a cant hook?

Q4.  What is the average age of a Canadian farmer?






























A1-a)  A "pullet" is a young hen, usually less than one year old.  Eggs laid by pullets are typically smaller and sometimes will be quite small and even missing the yolk on the rare occasion.  The egg production of a pullet progresses fairly quickly so they are soon laying larger or even X-large eggs within a month or two.

b) A "gilt" is a young female pig.

c) A "heifer" is a young female bovine.

d) A "barrow" is a neutered male pig.

e) A "steer" is a neutered male bovine.

Q2)  Egg sizes based on ounces per dozen.

Jumbo--30 ounces
Extra Large--27 ounces
Large--24 ounces
Medium--21 ounces
Small--18 ounces
Peewee--15 ounces

Q3) A cant hook is a tool used in logging, the wooden handle acts as a lever.  The end with a metal band around it, is blunt and held against the log while the moveable hook or dog has a blunted tooth on it which can bite into a log.  Thus one person can often move larger felled logs easily.


Q4)   Based on Statistics Canada 2006 - the average age is 51 years old.  To read more statistics go to