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 Cedarstone Ruminations

  • Conversations about farming, agriculture and farm/food issues

 Specializing in:

  • Black Angus cross cattle - their diet is mainly grass and hay


  •  Berkshire pigs - their diet is a custom grain mix plus hay and vegetables and fruit in season

  • Our animals are happy and healthy.
  • They are treated with individual attention and care.
  • We respect their contribution. 
  • We do not run a large feed-lot operation.
  • Our Angus beef and Berkshire and heritage breed pork is sold to select customers

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We support the "Save Our Prison Farm" campaign.

Closing the Prison Farms is wrong for many reasons

- the loss of prime farmland

- the loss of local food production

- the loss of agriculture sector business support - our suppliers lose major contracts - we stand to lose our suppliers

- the loss of rehabilitative

programs for inmates - prison farms have proven they reduce the reoffend rate significantly

- the loss of prisoners feeding prisons - means they are not contributing to their upkeep - translates into large food distributors will soon feed prison communities - these contract tendors will fall under NAFTA agreements - it will not be a local farm supplying local prisons with food. One such example a tender listed on government's website, MERX prices milk for three prisons at ~ $1M

- most inmates will be released - do you want them to have set in a cell bored or do you want them to have had a chance to learn useful skills and gain empathy, better prepared to reintergrate into society and be your neighbour!! Think about it.  Why remove something that is working and replace it with nothing.

Check out "saveourprisonfarms.ca"