Odds and Ends
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What's the difference between white and brown eggs?

Eggshell colour depends on the breed of hen. For example, Leghorn hens lay white eggs while Rhode Island Red hens lay brown eggs. Generally egg shell colour does not affect the nutritional value.  The hen's diet is more likely to have an affect.

Here at Cedarstone, we like the older breeds such as Rhode Island Reds; Plymouth Barred Rocks; Wyandottes; Light Brahmas; Buff Orpingtons

Does yolk colour determine the nutritional value of an egg?

Egg yolk colour varies from pale yellow to dark orange depending on the hen's feed type. Eggs with pale yolks usually come from hens fed wheat, whereas hens laying eggs with dark yolks are fed corn. Egg yolk colour isn't tied to nutritional value, as much as it may indicate the geographic area the egg comes from. For example, eggs from the prairies might more often have paler yolks.

What are free run and free range eggs?

Free run eggs come from hens housed in open concept barns with nest boxes and perches, as opposed to a battery hen operation, where the laying hens are housed in cages.

Free range eggs come from hens housed under the open concept but they also have acess to the outdoors.

Our chicken and ducks have access to a large yard almost year-round.  Unless the weather is extremely bad, the door is opened daily so if they choose to go outside,they can. The poultry are shut up at night to prevent predation losses.  Even in winter the chickens and ducks will venture out into the yard, however the ducks will happily stay outside longer than the chickens.

What are organic eggs?

Eggs labeled organic come from hens that have been fed crops free of pesticides for three years or more (certified organic feed).

However the Canadian Food Inspection Association (CFIA) states that the grain chickens consume has been exposed to none or a minute amount of pesticides, and there's no proof pesticides actually make it into eggs.

Many organic eggs also claim to be antibiotic- and medication-free. The CFIA states this is not an issue with eggs as those substances are not allowed in any Canadian eggs anyway.

Our poultry are fed a layer ration from a local feed mill, plus fruit and vegetables in season. as well as all the insects they can catch. 


What are Omega 3 eggs?

Omega 3 eggs are laid by hens fed feed with flax seed.

Information mainly from the Canadian Egg Marketing Association